Monday, 4 June 2012

Orchids, Ferns & Fancies

I suppose most of my cardmaking projects start off with a general idea that pops into my head, and they seldom turn out completely as planned. In truth, my cards nearly always develope as I go along and this latest creation is no exception!! In fact it nearly ended up in the bin as before the topper and embellishments went on it definately looked like a pair of ladies knickers stretched over the ironing board!!
But as I added the topper and the embellishments, the knickers seemed to disappear - at least I hope they have lol. Anyway, enough mutterings - the bits and bobs that I used are listed below.
The base card is 8" x 8" and white semi glossy covered with a blue coredinations cardstock inked around the edges to 'take the newness off'. The backing paper and topper were created in MCS using their cd rom Tinkering with Steampunk. Black lacy edging was from my local haberdashers, glitter ferns from a local florist and the orchid was from ebay.
The faux black gemstone hearts, gold flourish and shell centre border hopefully bring it all together.

Thank you for visiting. xxx

Card entered into the Power to the Flower challenge at - So Artful


  1. This is stunning I love the layout and the colours you have used

    Joan x

  2. Love the whole concept of the card well put together xxxxxxxxxx

  3. I love this card so much! Loving the colours and the lace. The whole concept of your card is just fabulous! I had to keep going back to see what else was on this card. LOVE IT!!!!

    Linda xxx

  4. This is stunning, I'm so glad it didn't end up in the bin. I really love how you have put everything together


  5. Gorgeous card,love the layout and colours. Chris xx

  6. There are no knickers here! This is such a pretty card! Thanks for joining us at Soartful this week!

  7. Silly me should have read the spec more closely for this challenge - power to the flower red, yellow and green!!! oh well, no worries, I enjoyed making it which is the main thing lol xx


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